Yadi Furniture Fabric Bed Soft Bed Factory Customized

We are a furniture factory with more than 28 years of manufacturing experience,

specializing in the production of high-quality beds.

We can provide personalized customization services according to your needs,

including bed color, logo, packaging, etc., so that you can have unique bedding.

There are 6 different styles of beds, each with its own unique charm, bringing endless possibilities to your home. Nordic style beds are full of nature and warmth, with wooden bed frames and soft bedding complementing each other. American light luxury style pays attention to details, uses elements to highlight quality, and demonstrates low-key luxury. The French style is small and fresh, giving people visual enjoyment. Japanese minimalist style beds focus on natural materials and smooth lines, giving people a tranquil and comfortable experience. Log-style beds emphasize nature and ecology.


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