Yadi Factory Customized Fabric Bed

Simple, stylish and luxurious fabric bed – create a warm home space.

High-grade goose down fabric and luxurious embossed design create a luxurious fabric bed,

adding nobility and elegance to your bedroom. This bedding is soft to the touch and breathable,

giving you the ultimate in comfort. Elegant and fashionable style, creating a warm home space.

Modern simplicity and Nordic style coexist to satisfy different aesthetics.

Gray, brown, blue, green, bedding colors are rich and diverse.               

 Made of fabric and solid wood, it has both soft and natural texture.


Modern simple fabric bed

“The Road to Quality: From Prototyping to Quality Inspection, We Pursue Excellence”

Quality creates the future, and details create perfection. From proofing to shipping, we adhere to quality and pursue excellence. We strictly control every aspect to make every product comfortable for our customers.

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