Garment Rack With Shelf

Stylish and practical choice: high-quality Garment Rack with Shelf, creating a neat and orderly home space



cheap clothes rack



Garment Rack With Shelf feature:

  • Made of high-quality metal, steel and wood, stable and durable.
  • long lasting.
  • Large storage capacity makes your room no longer cluttered.
  • Spacious, adjustable, Multipurpose and practical.
  • Easy to assemble and maintain.






clothes rack shelf

In the modern home life that pursues fashion and practicality,clothes rack shelf

a high-quality Garment Rack with Shelf is undoubtedly your

ideal choice to create a neat and orderly space.With its unique

design and excellent quality,this coat rack keeps your clothes

organized and adds elegance and convenience to your home.


cloth hanger rack

cloth hanger rack


Garment Rack with Shelf is made of high-quality materials to ensure the durability and stability of the product. Its sturdy stand structure can hold multiple pieces of clothing, allowing your jackets, shirts, pants, etc. to hang easily without wrinkles caused by folding. At the same time, the shelf design at the bottom allows you to place shoes, bags and other small items, further improving space utilization.






   clothes rack :Garment Rack With Shelf

The design of this coat rack is simple yet stylish, and can be integrated with various home styles.                          clothes rack

Whether it is a modern minimalist style or a European classical style, Garment Rack with Shelf can

add a unique beauty to your home space. At the same time, its height and width are adjustable,

allowing you to flexibly adjust it according to actual needs to meet different storage needs.





Coat rack large storage capacity makes your room no longer cluttered

The metal frame ensures stability and durability, while the wooden top can serve as a convenient surface for placing bags, keys, or other small accessories. The design is sleek and modern, fitting into any home decor.

Uses: Primarily used as a bookshelf, this multi-level shelf can also hold decorations, photo frames, or other items you want to display and organize.


Garment Rack With Shelf


we are a professional metal home furniture manufacturer. Our main products are metal beds, metal beds with wooden posts, fabric beds, children’s and school bunk beds, coffee tables, tableware, coat racks, side tables, etc.

The metal frame provides a sturdy base, while the wheels enable maximum flexibility and portability. The open shelving design allows for easy access and visibility of stored items.

Advantages: The combination of metal and wood creates a stylish yet functional design. The multiple shelves provide ample storage capacity while maintaining an organized and tidy appearance. The metal frame ensures stability, and the wooden layers add a warm and inviting touch.


Garment Rack With Shelf


Coat Rack


Garment Rack With Shelf , the furniture designs shown emphasize modern simplicity and functionality, with a focus on practicality and aesthetics. The use of natural materials like wood and metal creates a timeless and enduring appeal, making these pieces suitable for both home and office use.

We keep up with market trends and launch a variety of styles of furniture, including simple modern, European classical, Chinese elegant, etc., to meet the personalized needs of different customers.

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